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The mission of Project:BECOMING is to create self-actualized women. Through the use of expressive modalities, such as dance, writing and discussion, we promote creative exploration. These experiences encourage an outgrowth of limitless possibilities. We decrease risky behavior, such as teenage pregnancy, drug use and academic delinquency.  We increase self-esteem, social, individual and academic responsibility as well as community involvement. We hone the critical thinking skills of our participants, thereby allowing them to assess, plan and act authentically.



Project: BECOMING operates out of a spirit of solidarity.We are interdependent creative individuals with unique skills and abilities.We foster and support transformational experiences by motivating and challenging others to maximize their individual potentials. We have a passion for developing confident, strong, self-aware young women in society.

They are who we are.


Vision:  One project, Multiple interpretations, One mission

Driven by our commitment to creating a harmonious global community, Project: BECOMING strives to become a household name as we grow from a single program in each of the five boroughs to multiple programs sites in all fifty states. Our foundation is our commitment to stretching our participants’ sense of self with the use of a standardized holistic curriculum. We stand by our curriculum. It is the glue that binds us together as one project with many interpretations working towards a common mission of empowering women across the nation. We are aware of our client’s individuality, we understand their needs are unique but the solution is the same therefore, our curriculum is malleable yet firm.

We define our success as a collection of individual successes. We are client driven, efficient and profitable. We will build on our existing strengths: our passion, our commitment, our uniqueness and our creativity while developing new competencies in order to expand Project: BECOMING into a franchised non profit organization.

We are women, we are savoir-faire, we are leaders in developing womanhood.



Project: BECOMING New York
Project: BECOMING North Carolina 

Guest Speaker


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