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Liquid Strength DVD


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Due to overwhelming demand Christal Brown along with her company INSPIRIT has filmed an instructional video of her training module Liquid Strength for students who want to deepen their understanding of Brown's physical movement philosophy and for teachers who would like to share the information with their students.  By purchasing the DVD you have the opportunity to go step by step through each exercise as well as practice the continuous module along with the company.  The DVD also offers a custom soundscore by world renowned percussionist Shamou.

DVD: $25
S&H: $10 First Class Mail



Audio tracks from Christal Brown's Liquid Strength DVD

All audio tracks are composed and performed by musical artist and percussionist Shamou.  For more information visit

Track 1: Meditation/Centering 1:37 $0.99*

* free with purchase of all 4 tracks

Track 2: Floor Exercises 19:15 $2.00
Track 3: Standing Exercises 18:45 $2.00
Track 4: Across the Floor Exercises 15:04 $2.00
All tracks Purchase all tracks   $6.00





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