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There is a gravitas in the seductive narratives and captivating kinetics of this collaborative company of women. As our name suggests, INSPIRIT creates contemporary dance works imbued with spiritual exuberance, ancestral strength and startling perception. The works created by and for the company consistently stretch the artists’ understanding of body and performance.  There exists an ephemeral correlation between the two, but the artistry created by INSPIRIT attempts to make that correlation more tangible. The rich movement vocabulary draws from the ensemble’s wide-ranging experiences, from postmodern forms to traditional West African dance, from ballet to yoga; galvanized through Christal Brown’s Liquid Strength technique. It is the belief of the company that technique is a journey.  INSPIRIT seeks to expose the tools we have within in order to create a more succinct and fulfilled performance both on stage and in life.  The multi-dimensional dance works in addition to engaging with the community forge a visceral and emotional connection by expressing our collective hopes, struggles and truths.

Thank you for visiting the home of INSPIRIT, a dance company. As we grow it is extremely important to us to keep our families, friends, and supporters abreast of our evolution.  To that end we have added a blog to the site to share daily anecdotes, challenges, and accomplishments.  We hope to hear your comments and feedback on the lives of our artists as we pursue our mission. 

Thank you for taking the time to visit the site and we hope to see you outside the virtual world very soon.

In the Spirit,
Christal Brown and INSPIRIT, a dance company



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